Barthélémy Toguo
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Lawless zone
Lawless zone 1, 2007
Society must be defended, The 1st Tessaloniki Biennale
State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
  “Lawless Zone" is a direct illustration of the torture and exactions orchestrated in the world's lawless territories, where human beings are threatened, kidnapped, tortured, raped, assassinated, erased... This outdoor installation is conceived as a geographic space (country), delimited by a plastic security line (white and red) behind which the body of a man is tied to a pole. Realized as a performance of long duration, this work permits the creation of a live and emotive dialogue with the public.
"Lawless Zone" continues my work in public, initiated with "In the Turkish Jail" in Las Palmas, 2001.” BT